taking a break friends

the new music friday blog ended pretty unceremoniously a couple weeks ago and i assume most people who read the weekly update follow me on twitter and already know that, but for those who don’t! i’m not dead, i just can’t be arsed anymore.

i meant to write this At The Time but i was too vexed and also tired, but now i’ve had a little break and i’ve been listening to the new brockhampton album a lot and realised i don’t hate all music after all, i can speak calmly instead of being all volatile and vitriolic. can you believe i waited instead of being a reactionary little bitch? growth!

i had lofty ambitions for this year – keeping up with the blog, the podcast and so on – time constraints and also motivation levels reality checked me pretty sharp and i persevered but like… half-heartedly. i was really struggling to fall in love with any of the music i was hearing and also i knew i couldn’t do what i wanted to do “exactly” so as much as i was bored i was also feeling a bit “ehhh” about my output. and don’t get me wrong, people have been really supportive and i do think people have enjoyed what i did manage to get out there, i just… know it could have been better and that kinda bums me out.

anyways. i woke up the other week and i couldn’t summon up a single fuck to give or good word to say and i knew i had to stop because actually! i don’t love being a cunt you know! i much much much muchhhh prefer to be having a good ass fucking time.

so i’m putting the blog on hiatus until end of year list season and then in 2019 i’m gonna come back weekly again, but on a whole new positive kick where i only share stuff i really like. that might mean writing about one song or twenty songs or none at all but at least i won’t just be griping all the time.

thank you to anyone who ever read anything i wrote, i really appreciate it, your validation is the only payment i ever banked! and if nothing else i’m really proud of myself for keeping a weekly appointment going for 18 months and some change. me, a commitment queen!

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