30 Songs & 20 Albums I Banged In 2022

Ah, right down to the wire and out of time for doing my end of year rankings, just like always! I was actually completely on schedule until a deadline being pulled forward and a random afternoon of drinking derailed my carefully laid plans, so there’s no album write ups this year (honestly, I was lukewarm […]

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Have you ever cried when a celebrity died? This is my third time. I cried when Prince, died in 2016. I cried when Cicely Tyson died in 2020. And I cried today, when I watched this clip of Sarah Harding singing her heart out and I realised that I had somehow, despite all reported evidence, […]

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50 Albums That Made My Decade

Albums I find to be a trickier ranking than songs, because often “best” is not always “favourite” and there are certainly records in here that are objectively better than others but I didn’t necessarily love them more. So this is very much a list of favourites, though the #1 spot is also the best, don’t get […]

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30 Albums I Loved In 2019

Listen, if my sleep wasn’t all over the fucking place the last six weeks I would have really gone in on the end of year content, but as it stands I am like… drained of brainpower and motivation and all I do is periodically notice that my jaw is clenched and try to relax it. So […]

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A little Motivation…

Honestly, the state of NMF UK today. How is a YONAKA cover of Taylor Swift sitting in second place on the playlist while Normani – trending worldwide still, the only artist everyone is talking about right now – is languishing at #12? Very embarrassing. And I like YONAKA, don’t get me wrong, but… this ranking? […]

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