All you need is POSITIVITY

Is there something in the air or am I just more sensitive to other people’s blues now that I have them myself? Either way it feels like I’m suddenly very aware that I am sad and that other people are sad too. This cannot go on.

I learned most, if not all, of my life lessons from pop music and there is one I have been forgetting regularly recently. It was one of the earliest lessons I learned, from the wisest guru’s in the business – the Spice Girls – and for the most part it has carried me in good stead. That lesson was this:


spice girls

To artificially stimulate the optimism gland, I have created this playlist of what are essentially quite “cheesy” pop tunes that for some reason seem like the aural equivalent of sunbeams and smiles. Play it through. I guarantee it will make you feel a little more positive for at least half an hour after listening.

britney smiling

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