New Music Friday #81

Hiya, I’m in Los Angeles! The toilets are low, the water in them is high and the gaps around the doors are so wide as for me to be in a permanent state of high alert about privacy. I’m having a great time but I’ve now been awake for 18 hours so I’m keeping this short and snappy. The main playlist has finally been updated! The best picks from today’s New Music Friday will be added there and I’ll dump anything else good I hear on later in the week. I think I’m a littler later than usual today (??? I only just got back, sorry!!) Normal service resumes next week. Can’t wait to be home. Have a lovely weekend, babies!

The evolution of The 1975 has been an absolute wonder to behold. Neither this track, or the lead single from A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships has been an unchallenging listen. They’re confronting, and unexpected and artfully produced and the choruses stick. The lyrical content of this song expands from an examination of the self in flux on ‘Give Yourself A Try’ to the world in flux here. Matty’s vocal is embedded into the mix, almost like the first layer with everything else loaded on top. But I think I can hear hope in the despair. Fuck me, I can’t wait to hear this song live.

No offence, but what the fuck is this song doing in the second spot of the playlist? I don’t even hate it or anything, it’s just… definitely not the second best song I’m going to hear today. Maybe not even the twenty-second, and I know that even without going any further in my “listening journey” this New Music Friday. Inexplicable placement. It’s like, a 4/10 song.

How embarrassing for Muse to release this song on the exact same day The 1975 did the same thing exactly one billion times better. Bloop! This OneRepublic-does-a-Disney-soundtrack vibe is an interesting road to go down indeed.

I’m not gonna lie, I looked at that title and… I was concerned. Zayn has given me a lot of concern lately. Is he okay? Does he have management again? Is he eating well? Would he like to be cradled gently to my bosom? But his welfare aside I absolutely love this track! I can’t see it being a hit, but it’s so smooth and funky and 80s flavoured… life post 5SOS has me very much feeling this sound, it’s super my vibe at the moment.

I find it very hard to argue with a song built around a sample of the words “fuck you” being sung repeatedly. Chance’s usual bright and upbeat attitude takes a backseat as he guns for anyone and everyone from the Mayor of Chicago to Twitter trolls who talk shit about his daughter. Not a Chance classic by any stretch of the imagination, but good to have him back to business.

History will not remember us kindly for how we all slept on A*M *E. I have never been a big fan of out and out dance tracks and this is no exception, but the excellent vocals makes it a worthwhile listen. I feel like the production could have done just a tiny bit less so as to let one motif shine through and hook the ear. A little bit of an assault on the ears, but the topline is 10/10.

The upper reaches of the NMF playlist this week is almost wholly male, and if this twee twiddly bullshit is the best female artist they could find to spotlight I’m going to merge myself onto the freeway on foot.

Being honest? Not even close to being as good as ‘Natural’ by S Club 7, but how many songs are? I like Imagine Dragons with a little bit of bite and fire and this definitely falls into that camp. This track has apparently been selected as the official anthem for a sports thing on ESPN, and look what doing some kind of sports tie in with a loosie single did for Katy Perry… Remember ‘Rise’ anyone? Better hope this doesn’t fuck up your next album campaign, lads!

It’s almost 1am here and I cannot be arsed to research this band further, I’m falling asleep over the keyboard. I love the song though! I’m just really into guitars at the moment? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Anyway, I have a playlist of tracks for if I have to walk home from the train station late, because they make me go faster and this is going straight onto it.

I love it when songs sounds a little bit like hymns and I especially like it when those hymns have lyrics that subvert the idea of worship, religion and church. Ebenezer layers up rap verses and choir-like hooks into a song that is burrowing under my skin even as I type. Very into it.


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