New Music Friday #64

This is the latest New Music Friday has ever been! I’m so sorry to anyone who cares about this being on time, it’s been a weird last three days where I’ve been out the house early to random sites in Greater London and back home late (I’m on downtime between my last “proper” gig and my next one so I’m free to do odd days of random work here and there) which means I had no time to get this done before I left this morning and I didn’t get back until 10pm. I spent part of the day in a freezing cold pool handling an underwater camera so don’t worry I’ve done my penance. It’s also affected the roll out of this week’s podcast because I’ve just had no chance to finish the edit… It’s coming up over the weekend, and it’s a good episode with Conor, Julian AND Courtney, so like, worth the wait, I reckon. Anyways, some first thoughts on this week’s releases coming up, best ones added to the main playlist and do send me any recommendations here. I’m not overly excited by what’s out this week, just at a glance, but we’ll see once we hit play. I’ve skipped that Superorganism cover, because who gives a fuck? That dire song and a band whose album is already out the top 100 after two weeks? Miss me, I beg. Back on schedule next week, everyone!

I was a little concerned for the George Ezra comeback, I won’t lie. It seemed to have lost steam completely, and obviously it’s not my thing even a little bit, so I’m not listening to any of it outside of what Spotify foists upon me, but I do actually like him and want him to do well regardless. Happily it looks like things are back on track in time for release week – his latest album came out today – since the lead single is currently top 5, and the album at #2 on iTunes. ‘Shotgun’ is the song I have liked the most of this campaign so far – it’s a jaunty little tune, kinda makes me think about camping holidays or sitting on cliffs. I’m never gonna hear it again, but I didn’t mind listening to it just now.

I don’t really rate David Guetta or Sia – I appreciate that ‘Titanium’ was a bit of a game changer, but I absolutely loathe it and always have – so my expectations for this were very low. As it turns out, I can really tolerate it – it feels cooler than anything either of them have done. Sia isn’t screaming and wailing at me, Guetta is giving me a bit of an 80s funk rhythm instead of cheap blaring synths, the lyrics are still a little cliche but not cloyingly so… I’ll go on record here, to be honest, I really like this. Good job, people I usually can’t abide.

Seen a lot of chat on the timeline about this song and… it’s fine, I guess. As usual, people were doing a lot for something that sounds like it was written for the umpteenth “every(white)man” X Factor winner, but whatever, I’m not immune to being motivated by thirst, I need to stop judging. The thing is, and I feel like I’m saying this about everything lately, but like… I think this would have been a great little album gem to unearth, and let it become a slow creeping favourite. But removing it from that context and asking it to stand alone… it doesn’t, it’s just not good enough. I really hate and despise instant grat campaigns for making my excitement for a new album release slowly diminish. Not that I was particularly hyped for this one, but like… I’m less so now.

The Spotify team saw Dua Lipa (& co)’s Live Lounge performance then? This collaboration, written especially for Spotify as part of some new thing they’re doing which I don’t care to research right now, is perfectly fine, but the vocals are all so incredibly undistinguishable I do have to wonder what was the point? The idea is a good one, of course, and the song is perfectly acceptable, but I don’t see myself revisiting it ever.

There are elements of this track I really enjoy – the production, for example, is nice and mellow – but the shouty chorus and general vibe is very “not my bag”. I’ll still give the rest of the new Diplo EP a listen, but this track is not for me.

Who knew this band even still existed and also that this band is its own separate entity and not just one of the many other bands that look and sound exactly like this, but… I don’t know, wearing hats or something. This sounds very “if you like The Script…” and truly, if you like The Script, you wanna have a word with yourself.

I enjoyed 23 Unofficial’s contribution to the ‘Jumanji’ remix I liked earlier this year, and while I can appreciate ‘Day In The Life’ for its narrative strengths – a picture was truly painted! – as a listenable track, it’s a hard pass from me.

There’s absolutely too much going on in the vocal arrangements for me to give a shit about this song. Sounds like a shouty mess, which is a shame, because I can hear the faintest glimmer of a nice rhythmic soul song in here.

I started googling something completely unrelated as I was listening and now it’s finished I’ve forgotten how this song goes, sorry.

This reminds me a lot of Fall Out Boy an album back from their most recent, and I like it a lot. Very theatrical, makes me feel like gearing up for a street fight. I was late to P!ATD – I wasn’t checking for them in their heyday (back when everyone’s MySpace name was “[INSERT NAME HERE]! AT THE DISCO”) and it wasn’t until they kinda fell apart and became a three-piece that I got into it at all, but I’m excited for the album based on the scant info and this promising lead single.


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