New Music Friday #45

Greetings from sun-drenched Barbados! My tan has started to even out a little from where I’ve worn about 12 different necklines, and the hair on my arms has bleached blonde from all the sunlight exposure. I am eating well and drinking rum and listening to good music and caring about absolutely nothing so yeah, you could say I’m living my best life right now. I also have 6 (six) mosquito bites and they are all on my left shin and calf, because life is about checks and balances everyone. That’s a wise lesson I’ve learned as I get older. Anyways, I fully intended to have this written up and posted for regular 8am time since I’m 4 hours behind home –  I figured I could wrap it up on what is my Thursday evening and schedule it for y’alls Friday morning – but Spotify doesn’t update its shit at midnight and honestly the warmth and the jetlag still has me in a weird sleeping pattern, like… I went to bed at 9pm. So without further ado, since I’m already behind schedule, listen along to this week’s picks HERE and follow the main 2017 playlist at the bottom of the page. Have a good Friday!

I’m sorry – Bastille put a single out earlier this year? Where have I been? I mean, I’m not a massive Bastille fan or anything, but I definitely would have been interested in hearing the first new music after the debut album (which was averagely fine). Anyway, I’ll run back on that song I missed another time. For now we’re dealing with this track – written for the soundtrack of a movie I haven’t heard of, starring Will Smith – and sounding like… a track written for the soundtrack of a movie I haven’t heard of, starring Will Smith. This is the FOURTH song on Spotify’s New Music Friday ranking this week. Like, is everyone okay? I cannot image the dearth of quality in any song below this one on the playlist this week, for this to be at number four. It’s an acoustic dirge, closing credits, lights up, go home everyone song. I’m astounded this has been placed so high. Who is he sucking off at Spotify?

This is more like it – and this isn’t on the New Music Friday playlist at all! Outrageous. I don’t know if it’s blasphemy to make these kinds of comparisons between Minogue sisters, but this is a very Kylie sounding Dannii track. X-era, Kylie maybe… If I heard it on the radio with no prior knowledge, I think I would assume it was Kylie. Anyway, the chorus doesn’t go quite as hard as it should – it needs to kick up maybe 2 more notches to be a Proper Banger – but the verses are very pretty and this is generally a tidy little dance pop song. Not an instant Dannii classic, but a welcome comeback.

It’s hard not to feel very generously towards this track, because it sounds like a montage song from an animated Disney movie. My mood has been instantaneously lifted. Now, if like me, you’re on holiday, in 28 degree and upwards temperatures (sorry to keep rubbing it in), this is the perfect beach banger, but it doesn’t suit November at all. What a strange time to release a track like this. I just don’t envisage myself bundled in my Ivy Park puffa, beanie, mittens and scarf doing the grey commute with this playing in my ears. Good song, wrong season.

Icona Pop are currently taking part in some form of music reality tv show, which is why I keep getting new songs of theirs on my Release Radar every week. This track is a Sabina Ddumba cover which takes the more epic original in a sweeter, more trop-pop direction. It’s nice, but the Sabina version is better. Listen to that instead.

Is French Montana the most pointless featured rapper ever? I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a verse of his ever in my life. Like, they may be cheesy and extra but at least Pitbull and Flo Rida deliver, y’know? Anyway, French Montana’s entirely inconsequential appearance aside, this is yet another typical Jason Derulo smash – dumb and fun. The more I think about the fact Jason Derulo has the perfect boyband discography, the more I want to form a boyband that does Jason Derulo covers (a bit like A*Teens were to ABBA). If you’re a cute boy aged 16-24, can hold a note and dance like a dream, please apply.

After that six month drought between ‘There’s A Honey’ and ‘Television Romance’, the fact this new song has come along so quickly feels more like Christmas than New Year! It’s hard not to talk about Pale Waves in the context of The 1975, since, y’know, Matty handles the production, but I do think this is their most The 1975 track yet, the narrative concept of it, telling a fragment of a story explicitly but a 3-part saga in between the lines. I love that the chorus has festive spangle bells in the mix – it really does sound like a sad, cold New Year song – melancholy with a backdrop of gold tinsel. I think Pale Waves are my favourite new act this year and if you haven’t got into them yet, you really should.

Well, fuck. Sigrid has had a lot of buzz and heat, but like… zero impact so far? There’s always a worry, because you never know how things will go, not really, that she might end up one of those blog popular acts that never go anywhere outside of critical acclaim… But this is a fucking hit. What an absolutely huge pop song. Strafing from slow, chilly verses into electro pulses, it’s the second half where it won’t stop VIBRATING that you realise how massive this track is. And of course the lyrics are sad, because tears on the dancefloor is the best genre in the entire world. Reminds me of Robyn at her best. A fucking star.

Taio Cruz has been missing presumed dead since he featured on that lowkey amazing Guetta track in 2011. Wiki tells me he’s released music since then, but honestly who knew? The only reason I’m playing this is because I’m so shook that he’s been resurrected. It’s like, a perfectly functional, slightly dancehall playlist filler that you would never choose to listen to but wouldn’t turn off if you heard it on the radio. Meanwhile, can you believe there is two pointless French Montana features on New Music Friday this week? Who keeps giving this clown work? Pah.

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