New Music Friday #30

The Mercury Prize and the Popjustice £20 Prize nominations are woefully uninspiring this year, aren’t they? I had a quick scroll back through my 2017 playlist and the tail end of 2016 just to check whether there weren’t better songs and albums released and the gag is you guys… there was plenty. I may, or may not depending on demand, draw up my own shortlist of albums and singles, so if this is a thing you would be interested in seeing, do let me know. Otherwise it is business as usual, with the new releases of today (and the week, since no fucker is keeping to the Friday rule) HERE for you to listen along with the best bits being added to the playlist for the year which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Bleepy, bloopy and dreamy with an amazing Super Mario sample (can we call it a sample?) in the chorus, ‘Boys’ blew up Twitter this week thanks to the gorgeous video – directed by Charli – featuring lots of hot boys doing cute things in front of pastel backgrounds. Yes, the video is a soft daydream delight, but ‘Boys’ is also Charli’s best song by a country mile, somehow managing to capture perfectly that deep contented sigh you do when you’ve spaced out thinking about the guy in grey sweats who manspread all over the train but in a good way on your journey into work that morning. Also, because I know you’re wondering, Fai Khadra is my fave boy in the video… after Joe Jonas.

You’ve heard this song before a million times, fucking hell. It’s like every week there’s something more derivative released, seemingly with the sole purpose of driving me into an early grave. Occasionally one will slip through where the vocal is a bit unusual or the lyrics are emotionally intelligent and I’ll give it a pass, but not this one. This is your standard “let’s fuck YOLO” Chainsmokers bollocks. I hate everything this song chose to be.

Oh my god, how glorious! The sweet, breathy verses suddenly bursting into a rich, soulful chorus, the way the harmonies layer, the fact I haven’t heard a bone deep love song without some kind of caveat for dysfunction for the longest time… Just wow. A pretty stunning comeback from Jessie, I am jonesing hard for this new album now.

This is… unequivocally bad. It sounds like a cheap Julia Michael’s knockoff except, it’s actual Julia Michaels? When, please god when, WHEN will pop music move on from this mumbly, marble mouthed, tick-tock sound that just meanders with no light and shade? I cannot stand this kind of song anymore. I think Julia Michaels is my actual enemy.

I love that Mick Jagger, so old now that he could just shut the fuck up and count his money until it’s his time to go if he wanted to, has been so roused by Brexit that he up and wrote not one, but two, songs about it. He’s not really saying anything of substance, though the title of the other release – ‘England Lost’ – gives some insight into his view of the country right now. Aside from the politics of it all, ‘Gotta Get A Grip’ is actually a pretty good song… I mean, Harry Styles could have really benefited from this kind of verve on his Jagger cosplay record.

I never really know what’s going on with Nerina Pallot’s career anymore, since I had to unfollow her for being unpleasant and slut-shamey, so I’m not sure whether this song is a standalone or a lead single or what, but I’ll tell you this much – it’s dead boring. It’s 6 minutes long for fuck’s sake! It starts quite strong but I was already starting to zone out by the 2 minute mark and I cannot ever imagine anyone liking this enough to hang tight through the whole thing. I’ve skipped it. If anything good happens in the final 3 minutes, someone do me a solid and let me know.

I am not a Skrillex fan, but since he and Poo Bear shaped the Bieber sound that led to his revival, I’m giving this song the time of day. It reminds me of Galantis, a little bit – those pitch-shifted vocals and sugar rush synths. I don’t desire to listen to this again of my own volition, but should it end up all over radio, I won’t be mad about it.

I love Snakehips and I love Anne-Marie and I like Joey Bada$$ just fine so I was expecting to like this song a lot more than I do. I think my issue is that Anne-Marie sounds like she could be absolutely anyone – what’s the point of getting one of the most distinctive British vocals in pop right now if you could have hired any Cali session singer on the cheap and got the exact same result? This song is no ‘All My Friends’ or ‘Cruel’. It’s not even a ‘Don’t Leave’. Very disappointing.

I’m sorry but, I just… was not prepared for this song to be so fucking dreadful. It’s the second song on the New Music Friday playlist! It’s got Karen Harding on it! Spotify are fucking catfishing me. I cannot even tell you how much my toes are curling with cringe at the “rapper” on this. How do you type a hysterically amused scream!?! “You’re my laydee… girl of my dreemz… UH! UH!” IS THIS A JOKE? Karen, sweetie, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry your management would do you like this. This song is so bad, oh my god.

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