New Music Friday #12

I had to wake up at 4am yesterday and like the stupid fucking idiot I am, I forgot to change my alarm back to normal waking up time last night – cue waking up at 4am again! Thankfully I have a morning meeting my side of town so I can give myself some breathing room as regards getting ready, but oh man this working life is hard, I still can’t believe I’ve been doing it for 8 years. Anyway, the new music line up is strong this morning with returns from Gorillaz, Kendrick and of course, Zaddy Zayn. Listen along to the tracks I’m talking about right HERE.

My best friend was at a show last night at which Alma performed and he texted me to tell me how great she is, so I had to listen to the new single this morning – especially when I saw it was fifth on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist – a great debut for a fairly new act. Alma is from Finland and a veteran of whatever X Factor alternative they have over there. My mind isn’t blown by ‘Chasing Highs’ – it sounds like a cross between whatever Julia Michaels sneezed in the booth 5 months ago and ‘Hideaway’ by Kiesza, ie. derivative and unoriginal – but I like her voice a lot, and I trust the people who have said she’s worth the time. One to watch.

Guetta and Nicki are a partnership that just work – you can pretty much guarantee if they’re both on the credits, the track is gonna be some variety of banger. Unfortunately ‘Light My Body Up’ takes a minute and a half to get to anything that resembles a chorus and yes, it’s pretty much just a drop into an instrumental, but I’d be lying my face off if I said I couldn’t see myself winding my hips to this. Nicki drops another Remy diss right from the off, so maybe that will reignite that feud. Not that anyone cares now there’s K.Dot vs B.I.G. Sean Don to keep tabs on.

Frisco is probably my least fave of the BBK boys, and ‘Serrvice’ doesn’t really go any ways to change that. The bars are agile, but the service metaphor is flimsy and the beat doesn’t pop.

Gorillaz have actually dropped four new tracks today, but in the interests of conserving time I’m only listening to ‘Ascension’ for now since it got the most prominent New Music Friday playlist spot. Vince Staples races his flow all over the beat, screeching to a halt for a middle 8 courtesy of Damon Albarn, before rushing the song to an end in 2 minutes and 35 seconds. This new Humanz album is already one of my most anticipated due to the positively ridiculous line up of music greats that will feature, and if the quality of ‘Ascension’ is anything to go by, I’m unlikely to be disappointed.

It’s weird how Iggy didn’t use this long ass break she’s been on to get better at this. The hook sounds like those vines of people smashing their faces off tables set to music, you know like where one beat or word repeats on a stutter as some poor sucker walks into a lamp post or whatever, except this song was actually designed like that? I had to stop 30 second from the end because I just couldn’t hear her shitty fake blaccent say the word “bounce” again for fear of smashing my own face off a table just to make it stop. Still can’t rap for shit. Still can’t make a chorus worth a damn (without Charli XCX). Still fucking cancelled.

Ahhhh, some proper hip hop to exorcise my soul after that demonic possession. Kendrick comes hard on the first single from his forthcoming album, the beat starting off choral, before switching up into something smooth and funky and then switching up again into something harder for a relentless almost three minutes of Kendrick laying out, again, in case we forgot, why he’s the greatest rapper out right now, ending on a warning for everyone to get their shit together by April 7th. K.Dot also comes for Big Sean, as though absolutely ethering him on his own track four years ago wasn’t ruthless enough. This track has everything – bars, flow, puns, braggadocio, dexterity, internal rhymes, references and a little bit of beef. I can’t wait for April 7th.

A light, upbeat offering from Zayn – his first track from the sophomore album – sounding a little Drake on it thanks to Aubrey’s frequent collaborator PARTYNEXTDOOR. ‘Still Got Time’ is the ultimate fuckboy anthem, imploring girls to stop looking for love (and start looking for hook ups is implied) but I’m not mad about it when it sounds this summery. PND kinda dominates, leaving Zayn’s gentle falsetto hard to pick up in the mix and making him a little like a guest on his own song, but this is still a super strong start to the new era and I’m excited to see how far into this electro-guitaR&B direction Zayn is headed.

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