The Silence of Taylor Swift

I don’t wanna get too into it because there’s something else I wanna write this week that deserves more air than this, and you already know how I feel about Taylor Swift’s feminism but…

Promoting your latest single while the rest of the humane world and literally every single one of your peers is using their platform to amplify awareness and condemn the #MuslimBan is tone deaf at best and tacitly complicit at worst. The fact that the single in question is in collaboration with a British Muslim who is dating one of your best friends and “squad” members, also from a Muslim background makes the omission of your voice particularly egregious.

We all know that “silence is complicit” saying, and while I would never go so far as to say Taylor Swift actively supports the current evils unfolding on a world stage, it is fair to say that her decision to remain quiet as everyone around her speaks up paints a less than flattering picture of her character. Imagine being so craven and avaricious that you would sit on the fence as human rights are violated just in case your word affects your bottom line.

The thing is that, while Taylor has stayed resolutely, and admittedly shrewdly, non partisan for most of her career, we’re no longer dealing in political stances. This is not about how you mark your ballot, it’s about your core values. Every single person from the most prestigious and celebrated to the ordinary layman should be speaking out against the worrying, and at times frightening, events of the past almost two years.

But listen. We all know Taylor Swift’s main concern is Taylor Swift. And so you have to wonder why an artist literally referred to in Nazi corners as an “Aryan goddess” wouldn’t distance themselves with a quickness. Unless of course, she doesn’t think that’s an altogether too damaging association? I guess a sale is a sale to a recreant snake obsessed with winning an imaginary high school popularity contest well into her twenties.

I’m just saying her reticence to talk is starting to look hella fucking conspicuous now, considering she and her bff Selena (also, weirdly quiet considering she’s currently dating the son of Ethiopian immigrants) were all about talking about stuff that matters round about the time they didn’t want us to talk about Taylor’s lying ass getting exposed by Kim Kardashian.

The same Kim Kardashian who has spoken out, by the way. And y’all wanna talk about role models. Make sure you’re careful which direction you point your daughters.


3 thoughts on “The Silence of Taylor Swift

  1. Swift is not only silent, but brags about her friendship with Lena Dunham – someone who is a child preditor and has falsely accused someone of rape. I guess things like that just isn’t a big deal for Swift.


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