New Music Friday 2017 #1

Does anyone else still miss new music being released on a Monday? I don’t know what it is about Friday, but new music feels wasted on it. Friday doesn’t need new tunes, it needs familiar ones you know inside out to get you pumped for the weekend. Monday is the best day for new music, it gives you the whole week to absorb a new album or single. Anyway, I’m gonna try and shoot off some thoughts on new releases every Friday but you know what I’m like for promises… Here’s the first lot, a very mellow bunch – certainly not the kick up the arse I needed for the first week of the year. If there’s a tick emoji, it’s playlist worthy.

dua lipa thinking 'bout you
Dua Lipa can’t stop thinking ’bout you and I have already forgotten this song. Shrug.

ed sheeran castles on the hill shape of you
Ed Sheeran was so shook by Adele he disappeared for a year, and that’s not even stan rhetoric – he admitted it himself. Anyway, he’s back with two songs this week and if you put any stock in the idea that the political climate is going to enrich music, we’re not exactly off to a good start.  ‘Castle On The Hill’ sounds like Mumford & Sons Go Pop! and while ‘Shape Of You’ is technically a bop, I was kinda hoping that when it came to tropical house we’d be “leaving it in 2016”. Look, to be honest, I just straight don’t like Ed Sheeran. It’s not quite a “never have, never will” scenario because I loved his collaborations EP and I really liked ‘You Need Me…’ but White Man With Guitar is my least favourite genre of music and “songwriter should never have become an artist” is my least favourite kind of star. We may as well accept that inevitably either one of these tracks is about to be #1 for about 13 weeks and ÷ will be this year’s biggest selling album. Of all the horrible things we’re gonna just lay down and let happen to us over the course of 2017, this isn’t the absolute worst. Just top 10.

kiesza dearly beloved
Who knew the ‘Hideaway’ chanteuse had another banger in her? I had honestly consigned her to one-hit wonder status. To be fair, this track is tucked halfway down Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist so I won’t be surprised if it misses the Top 40, but it deserves to smash.

london grammar rooting for you
Hannah Reid, the vocalist for London Grammar, has such a gorgeous voice but oh my god this song is so fucking boring.

professor green active
An oddly lethargic track considering it’s titled ‘Active’. Miss me with it.

snakehips mo don't leave
Will 2017 be the year MØ properly breaks through in her own right? ‘Final Song’ (the third best single of last year) hit the top 20, but as a Major Lazer featured artist, she has a #2 and a #1 under her belt. Will this collaboration be another smash? Here’s hoping. ‘Don’t Leave’ follows the Snakehips blueprint of Life Being Hard but damn these guys make enervation sound so damn good.

tyga kanye west feel me
I hate Kanye so much for making me listen to a Tyga song. Tyga is a talentless opportunist trading on his girlfriend and her brother-in-law, lying about being rich when everything he ever paid for has been repossessed, he has a stupid whiny voice… ugh! I can’t believe I ever had to click play on this. Honestly ‘Feel Me’ is basically a retread of Kanye’s 2016 collaboration with ScHoolboy Q – ‘THat Part’ – and that song actually bangs, so sack this off and listen to ‘THat Part’ instead. Feel me?

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