you ain’t shit and you’re here by accident

I just wanted to remind people. Post-Brexit. As 17 million people crow about taking back “their” country and how it’s going to be great again, I just thought I’d mention it.

You ain’t shit, and you’re here by accident, motherfucker.

I mean, the sheer arrogance of it all is breathtaking to me. Me! Me, (an angel) in possession of a frankly debilitating superiority complex. I am blown away by the astounding levels of ego on display here. The levels of ego that it takes to feel an inalienable right to a place on earth, above any other human being on the planet, just because by CHANCE, on a FLUKE, in pure HAPPENSTANCE, you were born here.

And then to walk that ego down to a polling station and vote to restrict the freedoms of millions of people (both in the UK and outside of it), based on almost innate racist, nationalistic, small-minded spite? It’s not even arrogance, it’s downright hubris.

Do you really think you, or any of us really, are better than anyone who by CHANCE, FLUKE, HAPPENSTANCE was born outside this border? This arbitrary border of sea, because borders don’t exist now, not on the internet where you can connect to anyone, anywhere and talk about anything, or even really in real life where travel has become quicker and more affordable and you’re just a boat or a plane away from any destination your heart desires.

Do you really think that everyone born in Britain is a gift to the world? That the mere existence of every Brit is enriching our national and global society? That only people born in this country are capable of being intelligent, or funny, or beautiful or heroic or kind or any number of other desirable qualities in a human being?

My dudes. You ain’t shit, and you’re here by accident.

Actually, let’s be nice about it. Not accident. Luck. You are so goddamn lucky to be here. In a country where for the most part, things are good. You’re not being bombed out of your house and everyone you know is not dead. The weather is volatile, but not natural disaster horror movie volatile. You have social liberty. Not complete liberty, but we’re getting there. All said this is an alright place to be.

But you got this on a gamble. Of all the millions of people born around the world every single day, that you, person reading this, ended up as a sperm hitting an egg and developing into a baby in the womb of a person who (also by accident) lives in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is just a coincidence. No more, no less. You’re not entitled, not any more than any other person on the planet. You could easily have been born somewhere else. Anywhere else. Easily.

So when you decide you don’t want to be part of the EU anymore, I wonder what it’s like to be so ignorant of your good fortune, so selfish as to not want to share that with Europe and the rest of the world, and so imperious as to imagine that you, of all people, deserve more than what you give.

You. Ain’t. Shit. And. You’re. Here. By. Accident.

You have robbed us of freedom – don’t you see that? As the years roll by we should be moving outward, we should be getting bigger, we should be expanding our ability to roam across the planet and talk and touch and laugh and love and help and share and experience life with as many people from as many places as possible. Do you think the only people worth knowing are the ones in direct proximity to you? Maybe you do. Maybe, in all your arrogance, you think the people around you are the best people on earth.

But I been telling you. They ain’t shit, and they’re here by accident.

Fuck you all, for this.

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