No artists will talk about mental health! Except… 5SOS will

Just something really quick I wanted to mention, because I have seen so much coverage of mental health awareness in music and musicians recently, and yet the very publicly outspoken 5 Seconds Of Summer seem to be ommitted from the conversation, even though they directly reach an impressionable teen audience.

This year two members of a prominant and influential act in mainstream pop music right now, with a young fanbase that will benefit from their idols having open and frank discourse about mental health, yet no one is highlighting how incredibly positive it is, while simultaneously lamenting about how no artists want to talk about such a taboo subject.

Heads up to people who have more time to write than I do: ask Ashton and Michael from 5SOS about depression and mental illness. They’ll be far more upfront and honest and willing to put their face and name to it than any of the credible acts you’re trying to squeeze for firsthand experience. I know you don’t think they’re “real” but the thousands of teenage fans who might feel the stigma of seeing a therapist is assuaged just a little because Michael did too, or will be open to their friends about feeling shitty and in turn have their friends be receptive and supportive of that because that’s how 5SOS dealt with it… well, it’s real to them. And that kind of positivity needs to have a light shone on it, like a little mental health plant, to encourage it to happen more.


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