Take a homeopathic chill pill…

When my mum was suffering from her first round of cancer (the round she beat back, not the round that killed her, though I guess they’re all the same) she visited a homeopathist and started a course of alternative medicine.

This was in addition to gruelling, brutal, body ravaging chemo, of course, not instead of. My mother wasn’t a fool. But when faced with the fact that insidious tumours could take over her body and kill her, well… she wasn’t leaving any stone unturned in her fight to keep it at bay.

There’s no scientific proof that homeopathic remedies affect any sort of ailment. It’s like quaint playground magic, really. It doesn’t harm you, it doesn’t heal you. It’s just a ritual. Unlike the vaccination “debate” which dooms children and puts everyone at risk, it doesn’t affect anyone but the individual. When my mum brought home her remedy pack, I thought very positively and optimistically about it just in case skeptical vibes stopped it working. You can laugh, if you want, but my mum had a serious disease. I’m a fairly rational person but not so rational that I was gonna risk my mum’s life with cynicism, y’know?

What I’m trying to say is… what’s the science of sanity? Of keeping people trucking along in the face of their own mortality? What’s the science of maintaining the illusion of control when you know, deep down, that you have none? I don’t know if my mum seriously thought that homeopathic remedies were going to cure her (though I can hazard a guess) but making the decision to try gave her a little boost. The idea that she was doing everything she could helped her stay as positive as she was able. Why would you begrudge another person that feeling?

I guess I’m just surprised by the hysteria that an MP supported the motion for homeopathy, especially when his reasons for doing so are so “let people alone”.

Like, seriously. Let people alone. Stop trying to micromanage people who aren’t hurting anybody. It’s only going to come round and smack you in the face when they start scrutinising Nutribullets for being an average blender with gotcha, sucker! advertising and you have to defend YOUR lifestyle choices.

And besides, who do you think warrants more ire? A relative handful of people who support your right to the placebo effect, or Big Pharma who don’t want to cure you unless there’s a “business case” for it?

Some people take alternative medicines, get over it.


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