hey hi quick note to those who don’t get that transracial MASSIVELY isn’t a thing like at all even a little bit

and yes this is necessary, bc I have read so much ridiculousness on Facebook and twitter from people who really should know better

(hashtag: when you’re SO fucking liberal you are a laughable parody bye felicia)

so the comparison between the invented term transracial and the actual horrible struggle of transgender/gender dysphoric people let’s just burn it right now don’t even dare even “intellectually” to “hypothesise” to put those things in the same sentence you fucking garbage humans

not the same thing


and please excuse my crude terminology I’m typing on my phone on a bus at half 8 I don’t have the time to be academic right now

because if you are a woman or a man in the opposite physical body that happens from year fucking dot the moment you are born.

it is an absolute.

your body doesn’t match your soul.

gender comes from within, PERCEPTION of gender comes from outside.

if you are a woman, if that is what your brain tells you, YOU ARE A WOMAN, it’s not about “identifying” as one YOU ARE ONE. Same goes for being a man. YOU ARE A MAN WHEN YOU ARE BORN UNTIL YOU DIE.

race does not come from within

at all

your skin colour is not a race it is your skin colour

race, the things that come from belonging to a certain race, things like ancestry and culture and whether or not you are oppressed and the way you wear your hair and all those things Rachel Dolezal APPROPRIATED FOR HER OWN GAIN are external learned things that are not innate from birth

you can, later in life, decide you like one culture better than the other. you can be attracted to another race and I don’t mean as in you only fuck black guys, I mean like the whole idea of another race can turn your head and make you wanna immerse yourself in it and be part of it.

that’s definitely a thing.

white people with rank disgusting dreadlocks, that uni mate who went to India and now only makes “authentic” curries and wears saris, people who escape cults and come back to the real world, people who change religion or renounce it altogether, god even tumblr kids who are obsessed with being “anglophiles” and use British slang because they enjoy watching Dr Who

100% definitely a thing that people might decide the culture they were raised in is not the one they want to be part of now and they might decide that 4 or 5 or more times in their life


I mean we all (mostly) agree that gay men who call themselves Shaniqua and claim to have a “sassy black woman inside them” are gross, right? and that “wiggas” are absolutely hilarious and definitely not to be taken seriously, bless their hearts they just love hip hop so goddamn much.

what about Iggy Azalea she’s almost dunzo now isn’t she, because she’s a ginormous dickhead who wanted to take the black experience, exploit it for money, but never have to worry about a cop pinning her down with his full weight on her back pulling her arms behind her. we all wised up to Iggy and we don’t fuck with her no mo’

but, what? now you wanna give Rachel Dolezal the benefit of the doubt and debate about her poor widdle state of mind… just because she went deeper? because of her commitment to the deception? now we have to consider whether she might actually be a black person “trapped” in the “prison” of a privileged white body?


get a motherfucking grip of yourselves

what would “identifying as a black person” even mean? think about it for a second

think about it and try not to apply stereotypes of black people

are you thinking?

come up with anything yet?

no, you can’t can you

because you can’t be born thinking you’re another race of human


I mean, what would be nice is if instead of everyone talking in patronising gentle tones about “poor Rachel” and “maybe she really does think she’s black so we should be understanding” (nope, just an elaborate and dedicated con by a woman who – if anything – has an extreme narcisstic personality disorder, but definitely not “transracialism”)

what would be really fucking nice

is if we all realised how stupid “race” actually is, now that you look at it like this

like, the fact that if you take skin colour out of it, what are you left with? just costumes. permanent ones for some and fancy dress for others. just stuff we invented, after we were born as a man or a woman or something not quite as binary (whatever our physical body might be)

you can’t talk about transracial the same way you talk about transgender (and this is the last time I’m gonna compare them, I swear, because it’s so fucking insulting to insinuate they are the same thing) because there is nothing innate about being racial but there are lots of things innate about the way you feel inside your head about being a man or a woman

and if you don’t understand that, you’re a dumb fucking cunt xoxo


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