I have been writing, just not here…

I feel a bit annoyed about neglecting My Blog because when I made a New Year’s Resolution to write more it was to further my “personal brand” and what could be more personal brand than a blog with a domain that is the name of my “personal brand”? I keep meaning to shove stuff on here that doesn’t make sense anywhere else because it is not Timely or Relevant, but I’m back to working full time again, which is apparently just as draining when you’re in a good place mentally as it is when your autopilot thoughts are mainly self-loathing and suicidal.

Anyway, just in case the handful (and I’m being generous) of people who follow this blog and not my various social media corners were wondering, I have been writing bits and bobs for a couple of other websites, and once I get round to actually filling out some invoices, I shall even be paid for them! That’s nice for me. It’s been nice to have people who are actually great at writing and do it for a proper job validate me. It’s been nice for that to happen now after The Dark Times, rather than before The Dark Times when I was nickiminaj_feelingmyself_ft._beyonce.mp3 because my ego would have shorted the fuck out and malfunctioned. It’s brought it back to a steady level. Not quite where I was before, but y’know. I don’t feel worthless like I did in #2014. It’s nice.

This preamble to make it feel like a more substantial post aside, here’s a list of all the things I’ve written that I did not publish here because they were published somewhere else instead.

Why Don’t the MTV European Music Awards Support European Music?
Sports Direct Mugs and England Shirts: Tinashe Imagines Her British Adolescence
Natalia Kills Should be the Last Person on Earth to Preach About Artistic Integrity
Why Do 130,000 People Hate Kanye West But Love Liam Gallagher?
The Star That Burns Twice As Bright, Burns Half As Long: Goodbye Zayn Malik
Where now for One Direction?
Five ways to freshen up X Factor
The Strange and Spiralling Death Of Talent Show TV

I haven’t completely abandoned this place thought. Just like Geri Halliwell on this day 17 years ago… PS. I’ll be back.


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