5 at 5 // 5 March 2015

Here are some songs I like and you might like too, if you’re smart.


The hookline from this song – “it’s not. my. fault. that you’re beautiful” has buzzed around my head for months, but I only discovered it was on the internet in full today, when it randomly appeared back in my brain and I thought about how good it would be on an episode of Empire. Written by the dude from MAGIC! (yeah, the “why you gotta be so rude” guy) ‘It’s Not My Fault’ is the lost JLS single. The type of track you would expect a solo Aston Merrygold would be lucky to debut with. On first listen, T.I.’s verse is swagger slow and inconsequential, but once you fully understand the lyrics it’s menacingly sexual business as usual (no girl wants to be told she’s gonna be pile drived with a jack hammer, Tip) and he’s still threatening to get you drunk first like ‘Blurred Lines’ never happened to him. I guess it didn’t, really. Robin Thicke really took one for the team there… Anyway, it’s not enough to ruin a solid 10/10 jam but “trigger warning”, I guess. ★★★★★


How long you been listening to this song? All day for 3 days, nxgga! Released on Monday, ‘All Day’ has already become my most played song of 2015. It’s a tricky track, it could be placed on any Kanye release between My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus, including the collaboration albums with JAY Z and with G.O.O.D. Music affiliates, but still stays in a class of its own. And speaking of, Kanye is so in the HOV Lane with his flow on this track. All the quick staccato delivery into short pauses, and those lil “uh” and “hoo!” sounds are very Jigga. ‘All Day’ is Kanye’s most chart friendly single in a long while, and I know you’re all wondering “how?” when he says that word so many times, but let’s be honest, like ‘Niggas In Paris’, that word is exactly what makes this song so appealing to so many people. ★★★★★


This is so vibey, there’s so much to hear and discover in the mix – strung out screechy sounds and magical little swirls and every so often drums hit… it’s like living in a wave. Anyway, mostly I’m in to it, because the artist is a girl, but it doesn’t sound like a girl. It doesn’t sound like a boy, either, not really, I suppose. It’s just this kind of layered, echoey, androgynous voice that is confusing at first and then you stop trying to figure it out and you just go with it and it’s awesome. ★★★★☆


More hype around this song in however many months the album has been out than there was around ‘Born This Way’ in the two years Lady Gaga was banging on about it being the song to save mankind from its sins. Anyway, I still haven’t listened to 1989, but this was almost as good as everyone made it out to be. Love that guitar riff at the beginning (it sounds so much like ‘Brokenhearted’ by Lawson) and that pit of the stomach lurch feeling the general hazy nostalgia invokes, but mostly I like the cries of “take me home” that if I pitch-correct in my brain, sound exactly like the real Queen of Never Growing Up, Avril Lavigne. Also, in the happy or sad? ongoing debate, I fall down heavily on the fence. It’s clearly both. ★★★★☆


You know those stems of Britney in the studio, recording for Blackout, and clearly chewing ice in the booth? Well, one day stems will leak from Ariana’s recording sessions and we’ll all discover that one of her quirks is to sing with a mouthful of goddamn marbles, because for the life of me I do not fucking understand the lyrics to this song. It sounds a little dated, but better than most tracks on My Everything. Actually, the electric, beat heavy R&B feel is kinda like where Justin Bieber was trying to go with his Journals project, except Ariana’s voice has range and Justin sounds like a reedy little fuckboy. ★★★☆☆


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