5 at 5 // 2 March 2015

Oh my gosh, it’s been an absolute eternity since I did a 5 at 5, but I have been under pressure of late, and certainly not in the right frame of mind to think about new music beyond what it takes to splash 140 characters on twitter. Anyway, back in the game with five 5* songs from 2015 that I’m living for.


I’m just gonna go ahead and say it now – I don’t think there will be a song better than this released this year. And I know it’s only March and there’s plenty of time for other contenders, but… this is it for me. I’m just in love with it. As infectiously catchy as ‘Call Me Maybe’, but with the same sugary, sparkle weaved through Katy Perry’s modern classic ‘Teenage Dream’. It’s so clean and Scandinavian, bubbling synth, Carly Rae’s vocal sounding breathless and guileless… it’s just a perfect pop song. I really really really really really really like it. ★★★★★


Out this week and already sitting pretty at #1 on the iTunes chart, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that ‘King’ was going to be Years & Years breakout hit, what with all the Capital FM radio play and the fact that they won the BBC Sound poll and things of that nature. It’s well earned though, what with that totally rousing chorus and Olly Alexander’s uniquely arresting vocal. Can the album come out already? ★★★★★


Yes, let me speak on this song even though it’s been out forever now. Let me speak on it and explain why I love it so much. Firstly, Rihanna’s vocal – the best her voice has sounded her entire career. Strong and smooth and confident. Kanye’s verse is a little out of place, and he’s clearly not the greatest singer, but he and Rih work well together. The acoustic guitar is very “round the fire at bible camp”, and the organ adds to the taken-to-church feel, but that’s exactly what I love about it. There’s a rawness, a carefree quality that really lifts me up. It’s like a goddamn new-age hymn. Why won’t everyone love this song like I do? ★★★★★


Lately I’ve been stanning Fall Out Boy like I’m 14-years-old again, but can I help that they’ve put out two excellent pop punk albums in a row? Can I help that? Like Paramore, Fall Out Boy fall a bit more pop than punk these days, but that suits me fine. ‘Uma Thurman’ starts on a euphoric cry of “I can move mountains, I can work a miracle, work a miracle, work a miracle!” and is built around a sample of the theme tune from The Munsters (what an excellent TV show) a panicked piano chord and, my favourite, handclaps in the beat. Highly recommend both this and the rest of the album. ★★★★★


I have never liked even one Florence + The Machine song ever in my life, but ‘What Kind Of Man’ immediately got under my skin, probably because it’s got some aggression to it. I don’t mind someone wailing on for 4 minutes if they’re wailing with fire, y’know? I like how it starts off so calm and echoey, building up on teeny tiny increments before it just cuts and comes straight in with guitar and drums and anger all at once, like a rubber band snapping. Truly great song. ★★★★★


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