Quickly, before #throwbackthursday is over…

…yesterday, when I had no internet and not enough attention span to do anything other than create playlists on iTunes, I threw together this little time capsule of what a then 15-year-old me was creating music videos in her head for as she went about her mundane teenage business in the city of Coventry, with crap quality headphones plugged into what was basically a glorified USB stick with a play/pause button and an audio jack.

I listened to that playlist today and was taken with how many absolute jams came out of 2004. Much more music was accessible to me then, because I had discovered Bearshare (like a more lowkey Limewire), and my listening habits became exponentially more international. Previously, aside from Britney Spears, and other huge, inescapable artists like Eminem, Avril Lavigne and Justin Timberlake, my CD collection was pretty much exclusively British. Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney and Ashlee Simpson are just some of the artists I knew because of the internet word-of-mouth first, and by finding their mp3s – illegally – through file sharing.

Anyway, this was mainly just an excuse to share a fun playlist. Here it is in full minus Justin Timberlake – ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ (#sorrynotsorry) and one of my all time favourite Prince songs, ‘Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance’, which I got obsessed with to the tune of 83 plays. In one single week. Heady days.


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