New Year, New You, Fxxk Boyz, Get Money

I was gonna do this on New Year’s Day but then Kanye happened and then I was back in London and then I was working over the weekend, but anyway… we’re not that far into the month that this won’t be relevant.

So this song landed in my twitter mentions a few weeks ago. It is by a Japanese pop-duo called FEMM, which stands for Far East Mention Mannequins, and they are basically like Mini Viva but hard as fuck. The song is called ‘Fxxk Boyz, Get Money’ and it is a million internet years old, but the point is that it’s totally relevant to making new years resolutions.

Because fxxk boyz, get money.


But also, fxxk boyz, get money, namean?

lip lick

Here’s to an exceptional 2015 for all!


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