5 at 5 // 23 November 2014

Five new releases this Sunday. DOWNLOAD ‘DESIRE’ BY YEARS & YEARS.


Yet another dance song from Kiesza that you can’t actually dance to. Everyone seems to love this song but I would be motivated enough to get up and turn it off if I ever listened to the radio and it started playing. I’m actively struggling for something positive to say about this track, because I feel like I should say something positive because clearly everyone likes it for some reason? It’s too all on one level, too heard-this-beat-before-on-your-last-two-singles-babes, too much annoying vocals just… I don’t know I find it unlistenable. I’m sorry. It is #20 on the UK iTunes Chart at the time of writing. ★☆☆☆☆


Has the Labrinth train run out of steam? The amazing ‘Let It Be’ was robbed of a spot in the top 10 due to the new streaming rules and this seems like a scrabbled attempt to replicate the unprecedented success of the Emeli Sandé duet ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’. It is a well-written and emotional piano ballad, and Labrinth is one of my favourite British artists, but somehow ‘Jealous’ seems to miss the mark – not as bold as ‘Earthquake’ or as heartfelt as ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ or as assured as ‘Let It Be’. Still, the switch up in the final minute, where it gets orchestral like something from a 50s musical , is pretty special. It is #14 on the UK iTunes Chart at the time of writing. ★★★☆☆


I wasn’t keen on ‘Air Guitar’ before, but I’m happy to say that I have much more positive feelings towards it since they had to edit out the ‘Crazy In Love’ interpolation after the industry’s biggest kleptomaniac decided to take umbrage. I absolutely think both McFly and Busted are better than this song. The only thing worse than the lowest-common denominator power chord pop rock peddled by James Bourne is that twiddly-twee ukelele bullshit Tom Fletcher was so fond of a little while back, so to some degree we should probably be grateful. It is #8 on the UK iTunes Chart at the time of writing. ★★★☆☆


I like my Take That with Robbie, or not really at all, and now they’re down both Robbie and Jason Orange. I’m not a Take That megafan (too young the first time, too much hate for Barlow the second time) so I couldn’t say how Jason’s departure has affected the band musically, but they do look sad and lonely as a three-piece, I think. Anyway, this song is very poppy and much more fun than most of their post-reunion discography, but there’s something about it I don’t like. I think its that it sounds almost exactly like another song that I can’t for the life of me figure out. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t find it in my mind, and whenever I hear this song my brain dries out trying to think what it sounds like and I never enjoy it. The British public don’t agree though. It is #2 on the UK iTunes Chart at the time of writing. ★★★☆☆


Saving the best to last, mainly because I organised this alphabetically, ‘Desire’ by Years & Years is the only song you need to be downloading this Sunday. It’s just a massively danceable electropop song, clearly influenced by the on-trend 90s house sound but not derivative of it. It feels fresh and undeniable and is so catchy, you’ll be getting pissed off with yourself once you’ve shouted “IS IT DESIIIIIIIRRRREEEEE!” for the umpteeth time today. Olly Alexander has one of the best male vocals in pop right now, and I cannot wait for the album, knowing ‘Desire’ is just one of many huge pop songs under the Years & Years belt. It is #13 on the UK iTunes Chart at the time of writing. ★★★★★


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