The original version of ‘Move Over’ of Spice Girls + Pepsi fame

Perhaps this is common knowledge but this week has hit me hard with pop culture realisations. Why, just yesterday I came to the realisation Rihanna has green eyes not brown! Today’s MIND-BLOWING factoid has come in the form of this original version of ‘Move Over’ the iconic jingle/song that the phenomenal Spice Girls recorded for their never bested Pepsi commercial back in 1997.

So the story that I did not know until today goes: the Generation Next campaign had already begun before the Spice Girls became the face of it. They rerecorded the jingle and extended it into a full song which you can hear on their album Spiceworld and as an inexplicable edition to their Greatest Hits.

Here is the original, which sounds kinda Shampoo-ish. If Charlie XCX released this now everyone would say it was the greatest song ever written:

Here is the legendary Spice Girls version, which I analysed for my Media Studies GCSE and I got an A, thanks:




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