Kate Bush.

kate bush

I wanted to say a little something about Kate Bush, without ruining the show for anyone who is yet to go, because I got to experience last night unspoiled and uninfluenced by outside opinion and everyone else should get that too. So, you can rest assured this is a spoiler-free zone.

With that said, oh my god, last night. Last night. A three-hour show the likes of which I have never seen at a pop concert. Comparably the only pop show that comes close in terms of production value is perhaps Take That at Wembley Stadium. But that was a stadium show, and Kate Bush was in the distinctly smaller capacity Hammersmith Apollo. Mind-blowing. Totally mind-blowing.

Kate herself… I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe some slight nervousness? Awkward stage presence? Stilted, wooden atmosphere until she warmed up? I mean, we’re talking about a woman who hasn’t been on stage in 20 years. Literally. No one-off appearances, no performances at charity variety shows, nothing. In 20 years. And she just strolled on the stage like she owned the place (which she did) and I swear it was like seeing a unicorn. Or Jesus. I think somehow I didn’t understand she was a real person and not a mythical being. I screamed my throat raw in a kind of insane rapture at being in her presence.

Her voice has not diminished at all, even a little bit. So powerful. She sang and everyone sat and fucking listened. She finished and everyone stood the fuck up after every song to applaud it. It was pretty much church. IT WAS PRETTY MUCH CHURCH.

I sincerely hope this show is being recorded for dvd, because I unfortunately will not be going again. Film will never be able to capture what last night was, but it will help keep the memory fresh.

Kate Bush. What an incomparable fucking legend beyond all telling.


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