5 at 5 // 18 August 2014

I was hoping the new Taylor Swift track would be available for dissection by now, but it isn’t so here’s 4 songs I chose hours ago and one I scrabbled for in the last 10 minutes.


Ella Eyre is the best of the Rudimental features bunch (and is also the superior Ella in pop music right now), but has yet to match the success of the likes of John Newman or Foxes. ‘Comeback’ is the kind of song Jessie J would kill for, and indeed it would have been an excellent retro-future follow up to ‘Bang Bang’. Fingers crossed this will be a hit for Ella, but unsure how much radio play this will get with her dropping mother-f bombs all over the place. ★★★★★


No justice for Carly Rae Jepsen if this girl becomes any more than a one-hit wonder. I can’t even begin to list the ways that I dislike this song, but I guess it all boils down to the fact that it is just one hairsbreadth away from being a song specifically A&R’d for a Dove Real Women campaign. Imagine all those Taylor Swift songs written about relating your self-worth back to the boys you have relationships with, and then imagine Taylor Swift is a fat girl, so you get a helping of body image issues on the side. Here’s the REAL deal, ladies: boys don’t particularly give a shit if you’ve got booty or no booty. In fact, boys don’t particularly give a shit about anything in regards to personal appearance, no matter how much the media will have you (and them) believe that they do. Dick is low in quality, and high in supply. The power is actually within us to pick and choose, not the other way round. ★★☆☆☆


I have a post-V Festival obsession with All Saints. ‘Lady Marmalade’ was one of the tracks they didn’t actually perform (along with ‘Rock Steady’ – whaaaat??) but I keep playing it on loop. Love that syllabic breakdown in the chorus – “vou.lez. vous. cou.cher. av.ec. moi.” – and Shaznay’s rap verse at the beginning. Better than the Christina and co. cover that came after it, no? ★★★★☆


For post-V Festival obsession see also: Icona Pop. This track is so goddamn infectious it makes me feel like I have way more energy than my body is actually conserving nowadays. Icona Pop’s general YOLO attitude to life is inspiring. “I don’t care” and “get lost” are my personal mantras – it’s like they write songs just for me. ★★★★★

TAEMIN – ‘태민_괴도 (DANGER)’

Jonghyun is my favourite member of Korean boyband SHINee and always the one I assumed would be first to make solo steps, so I was surprised when I was linked to this outing by Taemin, who is undoubtably the best dancer of the five, but never struck me as having any frontman or solo status. ‘Danger’ was a pleasant surprise though – a song made up mostly of a beat plus sound effects, with that really cool vocal “bom bom bom” bounce in the verses, it reminds me of ‘Lucifer’ in the best way. ★★★★☆


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